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DC Public Library

Guide to the Records of the Statehood Commission, 1978-1994
Room: 307 (3rd Floor, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library)
Telephone: (202) 727-1213

Collection No. 48
Volume: 22 linear feet

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PROVENANCE: The Records of the Statehood Commission were donated to the Library by Ned Sloan, Chair of the Commission.

HISTORY: In 1979 a Statehood Initiative was presented to D.C. residents for a vote to approve legislation that would begin a concerted effort to make the District a state. The Statehood Initiative won approval on November 4, 1980 and became the first public referendum passed in the City's history. The final enabling legislation, D.C. Law 3-171, as amended D.C. Code Sec. 1-115(b) (1987)), provided for the creation of two commissions -- the D.C. Statehood Commission and the D.C. Compact Commission. The Statehood Commission was to "educate, promote, and advance the proposition of statehood for the District of Columbia in the District and elsewhere." The Compact Commission was given the responsibility to conduct a "full and complete study of the necessary and appropriate legislative and administration action" to achieve statehood. The two commissions consisted of three commissioners from each of the eight wards in the District which were appointed by the D.C. City Council.

One of the more important provisions of the Initiative called for a Constitutional Convention and the writing of a Constitution for the State of New Columbia On November 4, 1981 forty-five delegates were elected to a Constitutional Convention to serve two or three-year terms. The convention delegates drafted a constitution by May 29, 1982 which was subsequently adopted by a majority vote of D.C. citizens on November 2, 1982. In 1985 after the three-year term of the Constitutional Convention expired, the two Commissions became one.

As part of its mandate to "educate, promote, and advance" statehood, the Commission engaged in a number of activities throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s. Among others things, it designed a curriculum for public schools, established training sessions for D.C. teachers, testified before Congress on statehood legislation, and established a Statehood Resource Center. Congress did not vote on the D.C. Statehood bill, which was originally introduced by Walter Fauntroy as H.R. 51 in 1987, until November 1993 The bill was defeated by a vote of 277 to 153. The Commission's budget was dramatically decreased and activities were severely curtailed after the defeat.

SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTE: Materials in this collection consist of records of the D.C. Statehood/Compact Commission ("Commission") from 1978 through 1994 which document its activities to promote and educate the public on statehood as well as research on methods for achieving statehood in the District. The records include correspondence, reports, clippings, press releases, financial materials, meeting minutes, legislative testimony and bills, Commission publications, pamphlets, brochures, articles, speeches, memorabilia, videos, audiotapes, and photographs. Significant items, activities, and topics covered by the records include: Commission activities supporting the Constitutional Convention; testimony and public relations materials involving the Commission's efforts to promote statehood legislation in the U.S. Congress; legal and other research regarding campaigns in other states to achieve statehood; articles, and writings on the issue of D.C. statehood; public relations and educational activities undertaken by the Commission such as the Peace Train, Liberty Bell Train, the "New Columbia: 51st State of the Union" videotape, Statehood survey, and public school curriculum guide. The materials total volume is 22 linear feet and are arranged into 13 series as follows:

Series I: Administrative Series VIII: Research
Series II: Financial Series IX: Correspondence
Series III: Meeting Minutes Series X: Articles and Writings
Series IV: Topics Series XI: Memorabilia
Series V: Legislative Materials Series XII: Josephine Butler
Series VI: Clippings & Press Releases Series XIII: Audiovisual
Series VII: Public Relations  


Series I: Administrative, 1986-1994 (2.5 linear feet)
This series contains files which document the daily administration of the Commission. Included in the files are time and effort reports, by-laws; resolutions, memoranda reporting on Commission activities; mailing and contact lists, Commission stationary, and Commission logo Of particular significance are contract records, request for proposals solicited by the Commission, and proposals from contractors in response to those requests. A majority of the materials regarding contracts is from the Harrison Institute which contracted to provide public relations services and conduct legal research for the Commission. The materials are arranged alphabetically by topic and then chronologically by date.

Series II: Financial, ca. 1978-1995 (2 linear feet)
Financial records of the Commission are contained in this series, including annual budget and appropriation materials, invoices, payment vouchers, revenue and expense statements, and treasurer reports. Folders are arranged alphabetically by topic then chronologically by date.

Series III: Meetings, 1978-1995 (3.5 linear feet)
Included in this series are meeting minutes, agenda, and background materials for regular and special meetings of the Commission from December 11, 1978 through January 5, 1995. Related materials include recordings of the meetings in the Audiovisual series (9/19/86 through 5/5/88). Folders are arranged chronologically by date of meeting.

Series IV: Topics, 1788, 1941, 1968, 1980-1993 (3 linear feet)
This series consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, handwritten notes, clippings, publications, statements, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, lists, and bibliographies covering a variety of topics and activities of interest to the Commission. Of particular significance are materials regarding the D.C. Statehood Constitutional Convention, Democratic and Republican conventions, Statehood Constitution, activities by Shadow Senator Jesse Jackson, and state government reorganization Folders are arranged alphabetically by topic and then chronologically by date.

Series V: Legislative Matters, 1986-1994 (2.5 linear feet)
Records in this series include briefing books, congressional testimony and statements, house and conference reports, executive summaries, bills, background papers, appropriation acts, correspondence, and memoranda. Much of the materials relate to H.R. 51, statehood legislation introduced in Congress in 1987, including briefing book drafts and originals, internal memoranda from the House District Committee, testimony, and opposition statements. . Other significant materials consist of testimony before D.C. City Council on budgets and Congressional testimony supporting statehood before the House Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health in 1987. Folders are arranged alphabetically by topic and then chronologically with materials related to specific house and senate bills (i.e., H.R. 51, S118) appearing first.

Series VI: Clippings and Press Releases, 1978--1987 (.75 linear feet)
This series contains clippings and press releases regarding statehood activities and issues. Most of the clippings were compiled by clipping services and public relations firms engaged by the Commission The folders are arranged chronologically by date of the clipping or press release. .

Series VII: Public Relations, 1987-1993 (2 linear feet)
As part of its mission to educate and promote statehood, the Commission developed, with the help of public relations (PR) experts, press packages, publicity events, and educational materials. Specific items and topics of interest in this series include the Fifty Stars slide show, Liberty Bell Train event, the New Columbia: 51st State of the Union speakers kit, and "Action News (the Commission newsletter)." Educational materials developed for the general and public school students, include, "Facts You May Not Know About D.C. and Statehood," "Fifty-One Stars: A Test," "Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Statehood Economic Issues," and "One-Month Daily Curriculum: National Rainbow Coalition for D.C. Statehood Campaign." Also included are editorials, letters to the editor, radio and T.V. reports, public relations reports, correspondence, brochures and booklets on statehood. Much of the materials were the product of Apter & Associates, a public relations firm engaged by the Commission to conduct PR activities. Related materials in other series include the video, New Columbia: 51st State of the Union. Folders are arranged alphabetically by topic and then chronologically by date.

Series VIII: Research, 1948-1993 (3 linear feet)
This series contains research compiled largely for the Commission's Resource Center for research in reference. The research consists of scholarly articles and papers, U.S. congressional reports and legislation, correspondence, memoranda, and governmental reports compiled by Commission staff regarding territories that sought admission as states. The majority of the research focuses on efforts in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico to achieve statehood. The series also contains research focusing generally on statehood and research strategies for the Commission to undertake. Folders are arranged alphabetically by subject or state and then chronologically.

Series IX: Correspondence, 1987-1994 (.5 linear foot):
Single letters of importance, correspondence with Congress, a correspondence log, as well as general correspondence are included in this series. Single letters appear first and are arranged alphabetically by subject or name of correspondents; the remainder of the correspondence is arranged chronologically. Single letters include, among others, a letter sent to community leaders requesting their help in promoting the 1990 elections for shadow senators and representatives, a letter to Congressman Romano L. Mazzoli answering questions about statehood for non-federal parts of the district; a letter from the Commission congratulating Jesse Jackson on his election as shadow senator; and various letters to educators and schools about the Statehood education kit.

Series X: Articles, 1965-1994 (.5 linear foot)
This series consists of scholarly and popular articles, reports, booklets, texts of speeches, and other writings, the majority of which discuss statehood for the District but also cover the statehood process, Washington, D.C politics, and other related topics. The writings are arranged alphabetically by title.

Series XI: Memorabilia, 1976-1991 (.5 linear foot)
During the struggle for statehood, the Commission and other organizations working for statehood created a variety of promotional materials some or which are contained in this series. A sample of these Items include "March for D.C. Statehood" fliers,, "The Facts About D.C. Statehood" brochure, "Mend the Crack in the Liberty Bell, D.C. Statehood Now!" bumper sticker, the "D.C. Statehood Now" button, poems, songs, the D.C. Statehood totebag, and the Flag for New Columbia. Items in this series are arranged alphabetically by title.

Series XII: Josephine Butler Materials, 1978-1993 (.25 linear foot)
Josephine Butler was a key figure in the statehood movement and Chair of the D.C. Statehood Commission for many years. Materials about or from her are contained in this series. They include her biography, a campaign poster, correspondence, awards, resumes, working files, and resignations. Folders are arranged alphabetically by title.

Series XIII: Audiovisual, 1986-1994 (l linear foot)
This series consists of audiotapes of Commission meetings; two videotapes titled "In the Public Eye: D.C. Statehood," and "New Columbia: 51st State of the Union"; and two photographs -- one unidentified and the other regarding the Statehood Now Demonstration. The materials are arranged alphabetically by title.


Series I: Administrative

Box 1
501(c)(3) application [incomplete], ca. 1988]
Ad hoc committee report, ca. 1988
Address Lists, n.d.
Administrative consultant, n.d.
Administrative materials , 1988
Annual report, 1988
Appointment list, ca. 1986
Awards, 1989
By-laws, July 22, 1986
By-laws, n.d.
By-laws, amendments, April 14, 1986
By-laws, article IV, section 2, n.d.
By-laws, final draft, May 9, 1986
By-laws, inactive members, n.d.
By-laws, officers, n.d.
By-laws, revised (3 folders), ca. 1986
By-laws, setup, n.d.
Capital Services proposal, 1987
Central committee meeting schedule and agenda, 1989
Commission activities, June 1987-June 1988
Commission activities, July-August 1989
Commission activities, September 1989

Box 2
Commission activities, 1991-1993
Commission Report to D.C. Counsel, 1986-1987
Commission Status, 1990
Commissioners, 1987-1988
Commissioners, appointment materials, 1987
Commissioner mailings, 1987-1988 (3 folders)
Commissioner materials, Peter Schott, 1987
Commissioner review of public relations proposal, Josephine Butler, 1987
Commissioner review of public relations proposal, Peter Schott, 1987

Box 3
Consultant resumes, n.d.
-------Austin, Bobby William (Research), 1982
-------Bess, Yvonne, n.d.
-------Fadden, Lisa, n.d.
-------Harrison Institute (legal services), FY87
-------Harrison Institute contract modification, 1987
-------Harrison Institute, extension of FY 1987
-------Harrison Institute, 1988
------ Harrison Institute, 1994
------ In the Public Eye Productions, 1994
------ KNETWork International Corporation, 1982
------ NAPA, 1989
-------Richard Montgomery Graphic Designs, 1994
-------Peter Winch, January 5, 1989
Contracts Evaluation Committee, August 19, 1987
D.C. government agency research list, n.d.
Francis, McGinnis& Rees, Inc. proposal, 19876
Fundraising, 1988
Handwritten notes, n.d.
Harrison Institute proposal [analysis of legal and constitutional issue], June 14, 1984
Harrison Institute activities, 1987-1988
Harrison Institute proposal, 1986
Information mailers, n.d.
Internships, 1989
Lists of contacts, n.d.

Box 4
List of delegates [unknown], n.d.
Liberty Bell express riders, 1987
Mailing lists, [ca. 1994]
Meeting announcements, 1988
Memoranda, 1989
NAPA proposal, transition to statehood, 1989
NAPA workplan, 1990
New member package originals, n.d.
Pearson, Charles Q Proposal, 1994
Program Committee, 1987
Program of work, 1989-1990
Proposals, 1994
Request for Proposal (RFP) CI-1-88 [public relations], 1988
RFP CI-1-88, Anderson Communications response, 1988
RFP CI-1-88, David Apter response for public relations campaign, 1988
RFP CI-2-88 [educational video], 1988
RFP CI-2-99, David Apter response for educational video, 1988
RFP CI-2--88, General Investment Concepts, Incorporated, 1988
RFP CI-2-88, General responses, 1988

Box 5
RFP C-2-88, Harrison Institute response, 1988
RFP CI-2-88, Maguire Reeder response, 1988
RFP CI-3-88, 1988
RFP CI-3-88, Harrison Institute response, 1988
RFP CI-3-88, RBS Inc. Response, 1988
RFP CI-3-88, Cost Proposal, We Want Work, October 14, 1988
RFP CI-1-89 [Polling Survey], 1989
RFP CI-1-89, Grasman Health and Business Research response, 1989
RFP CI-1-89, Unicorn Corporation, 1989
RFP CI-1-94, 1994
RFP CI-1-94, shell version, 1994

Box 6
RFP CI-1-94, extension, 1994
RFP CI-1-94, Edward Guinan response, 1994
RFP CI-3-94, (marketing and T.V. spots), 1994
RFP CI-3-94, Proposal in response from Statehood Solidarity Committee to produce T.V. spots, September 9, 1994
Resolution , 1988
Resolutions, public relations firms, 1987
Resume for commission positions, [ca. 1988]
Retreat, , 1990
Retreat, January 12, 1991
sheet [unknown event], n.d.
Statehood activities,
-----1979-1981 (2 folders)
Stationary and logo, 1986-1988
Stationary, D.C. Statehood Party, 1991
Time and effort reports, 1986

Box 7
Time and effort reports
------Dedre Feerdon, 1988
------Edward Guinan, August 15-31, 1986
------ Peter Winch, 1989
Travel, 1988
Travel regulations, n.d.
VCR, 1989
Vacancies and possible candidates, 1988
Volunteers, 1989
Work schedules, 1987

Series II: Financial

Account of expenditures, 1988
Appropriations Act, FY1988
Appropriations Act, FY1990
Apter and Associates billing, February 6, 1989
Bill 8-150, FY 1990 Budget Request Act, 1990
Budget financial issues, 1986-1991
Budget 1986
Budget call, 1986
Budget, operating, 1986
Budget request, operating, 1986
Budget, proposed, 1987
Budget reduction memoranda, 1987
Budget, 1988
Budget, projected, 1988
Budget reconciliation, 1988
Budget structure, 1988
Budget call, 1988
Budget, statehood video, 1988
Budget call, 1989 (2 folders)
Budget funding levels, 1989

Box 8
Budget presentation, 1989
Budget testimony, Josephine Butler and Arrington Dixon, 1989
Budget, Supplemental Request, Testimony of N. Sloan, 1995
Correspondence [re financial matters], `986-1987
Correspondence with controller, , 1988
D.C. Office of the Budget, 1987 (2 folders)
D.C. Office of the Budget, 1988

Box 9
D.C. Office of the Budget, 1989
D.C. Procurement Practices Act of 1985
Candidate waiver forms, n.d.
Expenses, 1988
Expenses, convention, 1988
Expenses, printing, 1988-1989
Expenses, convention exhibitor services, 1989
Expenses, 1994
Financial review process, March 6, 1986
{Financial working papers], 1987-1988
Funding memoranda, February 9, 1990
Funding, 1994
GAO briefing report to Congress, financial status of D.C., June 2994
Harrison Institute billing, 1987
Invoices, 1986-1987
Invoice and receipt, Washington Press, 1992
Payment vouchers, 1982
Payment vouchers and financial background, 1986

Box 10
Payment vouchers and journals, October, 1986 - October, 1987
Payment vouchers and journals, November 1987 - October, 1988
Payment vouchers, 1987 (3 folders)
Payment vouchers, 1988 (3 folders)
Payment vouchers and receipts, 1988

Box 11
Payment vouchers and journal, 1988-1989 (2 folders)
Procurement guidelines, 1988
Procurement policy, draft, {n.d.]
Procurement policy, final, n.d.
Revenues and expenditures statement
------ 1985
------ Statehood constitutional convention, 1986
------ 1987
------ 1989
Statehood constitutional convention financial report, 1982-1985, 1986
Statement of disbursement, D.C. government, n.d.
Statement of funds spent, 1988
Tax exempt status, 1988
Travel and expense and related regulations, n.d.
Treasurer's report, 1986

Treasurer's report and reconciliation
------ 1987
------ 1988
------ 1988
------ 1989

Series III: Meeting Minutes

Box 12
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials December 11, 1978 - October 2, 1986 (non-inclusive)

Box 13
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials, November 6, 1986 - November 5, 1987

Box 14
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials, December 3, 1987 - April 20, 1988

Box 15
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials, April 22, 1988 - September 1, 1988

Box 16
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials, October 6, 1988 - December 19, 1988

Box 17
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials, December 15, 1988 - May 4, 1989

Box 18
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials, May 4, 1989 - December 15, 1989

Box 19
Meeting minutes, agendas, and background materials, March 23, 1990 - January 5, 1995

Series IV: Topics

Box 20
ANC, 1C, n.d.
ANC, endorsements of Statehood Commission, 1987
ANC information , 1987-1989
Adams-Morgan, 1980-1985
Ad Hoc committee report, n.d.
Against statehood, 1989
Average expenditure per pupil in elementary schools by neighborhood income group, 1968
Bibliography, new federalism, 1988
Bibliographies, 1988 (2 folders)
Brookings Institute, n.d.
Campaign contribution limitations, 1993
Campaign finance, 1986
Census of retail trade, 1982
Cession acts, Maryland and Virginia, 1950
Chadha case, 1983
Children's Crusade for Freedom, 1988
Citizens for New Columbia, Matsimela Mapfumo statement, 1994
Citizens for New Columbia, Plan of Act, 1993
A Citywide Statehood Plan of Action: Working Draft, March 12, 1993
Commission, set-up authority, 1993
Common Cause, 1987-1988
Community and public support, n.d.
Commuter tax, 1941
Compact Commission blueprint, n.d.

Box 21
Comprehensive Plan for the National Capital, 1978
Congressional Enabling Acts and Acts of Administration, John Mandler Memoranda,
-----February 4, 1987
-----March 9, 1987
Constitution of State of New Columbia, 1982 (3 folders)
Constitution of the District of Columbia, proposed amendments, April 15, 1985
Constitution for the State of New Columbia, 1987
Constitution for the State of New Columbia, Approval Act, 1987 (2 folders)
Constitution for the State of New Columbia, Bill in the House of Representatives, [ca. 1987]
Constitutions of the State of New Columbia, Differences in, 1987
Convention trip list, , Ward 7, n.d.
Council resolution, "No taxation without Representation," 1993
Court Case "National Capital Religious Liberty and Academic Freedom Act," 1988
Credit rating, 1993
D.C. before and after school care program, Virginia Reid, n.d.
D.C. Code, Commission authority, 1981
D.C. Commission for Women Hall of Fame Ceremony, 1990
D.C. Humanities Council, 1989, 1986-1990

Box 22
D.C. Statehood Coalition, membership, July 27,1987
D.C. Statehood Coalition, membership, 1988
D.C. Statehood Constitutional Convention
------ delegates, n.d.
------ Initiative, n.d.
------ Preparatory Seminar, 1981
D.C. Statehood Commission Amendment Act of 1994
D.C. Statehood Forum and Organizing Committee, n.d.
D.C. Statehood Inaugural Committee, December, 1990
D.C. Statehood Party
------ Meeting announcement, April 1979
----- Platform, n.d.
------ Steps to Revitalize, April 2, 1989
------ Resolution on military spending, n.d.
Democratic National Convention, 1988
Democratic Party, proposed party plank regarding statehood, n.d.
Disenfranchisement research, n.d.
District Clause, Federalist No. 43, 1788
District Clause in Constitution, P.L. 93-198, 1973
Economic Facts, 1986
Elections, 1980-1992
Election, 1984
Election Guide, Washington Star News, October 24, 1974
Election results, September 11, 1990
Election results, November 6, 1990
emergency Leadership meeting, outline for discussion, May 6, 1992
Federal payment to District, n.d.
Festivals and events, 1989
Facilitating the transition from city to State memoranda, n.d.
Fire Department, 1987 The 51-Star Flag History, ca. 1987
FOIA request, 1986
Friends or Meridian Hill, Inc., ca. 1991
Funding for Congressional representatives, May 19, 1989
George Washington University, "A Forum on Bureaucracy and the D.C. State Constitution," 1982
History - D.C. Statehood Commission, n.d.
Hobson, Julius Celebration, 1989-1990
Hobson Tribute, 1989
Home Rule analysis, 1990
Home Rule, D.C. Self Government and Government Reorganization Act, February 8, 1974
Homestead Housing-Lottery, 1988
Jesse Jackson
---------Campaign, 1991
---------clippings, 1989
---------Shadow Senatorship, [ca. 1989]
---------Statement on D.C. Statehood, April 1, 1993
Jamaica partnership, n.d.
King Birthday, 1987
LVT, 1984

Box 23
Land grants to new States, n.d.
Lobby requirements, federal and D.C., January 19, 1981
Long term strategic planning for Proposition One , 1992
Lorton and related issues, 1987
Maps from Comprehensive Plan for National Capital Area, 1974, 1985
Marie-Reed Community Center, 1988
Mason, Hilda;
------ Campaign decision, 1990
------ Committee to Re-elect, 1990
------ Election board, 1990
Mayoral politics, 1989
NRDC, Common Cause, Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Management Plan, 1989
National Bicentennial Writing Competition, 1987
National Capital Service Area, [ca. 1970]
National Capital services director, 1986
National Constitution Bicentennial events, 1989
Newsletter materials, 1989-1990
Non-partisan elections, n.d.
Obsolete constitutional provisions, 1986
Organizations supporting statehood, 1993
Origins of the federal city, n.d.
Outline for discussion, Emergency Leadership Meeting, 1992
Parking case, 1986
Peace Train, [ca. 1987]
Periodical listing, n.d.
Persian Gulf War comments, Eleanor Holmes Norton remarks, 1991
Proclamation, Respiratory Health Awareness Month, 1977
Program Committee, 1987-1988
Promotions Committee, 1988

Box 24
"Questions and answers on National Community Health Service," n.d.
Rainbow Coalition, 1991-1992
Ray, John, Christmas Carol, n.d.
Redelegation of local government powers, 1989
Referral of proposed legislation
Referral of court cases, 19\820-1985 (6 folders)
Republic National Committee delegates list, 1988 (2 folders)
Republic National Convention, 1988
Republican party issues, 1987

Box 25
Republican Study Committee, 1987
Resolutions passed at 1989 convention, 1989
Resolution, Julius Hobson, 1989
Resolution, Puerto Rico Statehood, 1979
Resources for Community Change, Inc., n.d.
Revenue, D.C., 1993-1994
Revision of U.S. Code memoranda, June 7, 1989
Robeson Friendship Society, 1988-1992
Robeson program on statehood, 1992
Roster of events, May-June 1987
Roundtable on employment, 1977
Shadow representatives in Congress, Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report, January 1, 1991
Shadow senators, notes and research, 1989-1990
Shapiro tract, Adams-Morgan, 1978
State government reorganization,
-----ca. 1970s-1980s
-----expert list, 1988
-----state charts, 1987
-----transition blueprint, 1988
Statehood awards ceremony, December 1988
Statehood commissioners, n.d.
Statehood Compact Commission, Background, ca. 1988-1989
Shadow delegates proposal, May 9, 1989
Statehood congressional delegation and ANC swearing-in
Statehood: current readings, 1910, 1971

Box 26
Statehood history and background, 1989
Statehood initiative, 1981
Statehood mission team, 1987
Statehood motorcade n.d.
Statehood questions, n.d.
Statehood strategy and timetable, [ca. 1987]
Status of District Environmental Master Plan, August 8, 1978
Statehood congressional delegation and ANC Swearing-In, 1991
Statehood Commission [Statement of Purpose], n.d.
Statehood Party Central Committee, January 18, 1989
Statehood summit, 1983
Strategic Plan, 1989 (2 folders)
Survey on Statehood, Post, 1994
Tennessee plan "Shadow Delegates," 1984-1985
"The Transition from a Capital City to a Model State," n.d.
Transition team reports, 1988
Washington Lawyers' Committee, 1986
Visiting Nurse Association, 1991
Voters Guide, 1976
Voter participatory education, 1992
Voting rights, 1983
Waiving residency requirement for teachers, n.d.
"Washington View," Volume 3 #1, 1991

Box 27
World dialogue on disarmament and detente, 1978
Zoning , [ca. 1980s] (2 folders)

Series V: Legislative Matters

H.R. 51, 1987, 1993
H.R. 51, Activities
------ 1987
------ 1988
H.R. 51, Amendments, 1993
H.R. 51, Background materials, [ca. 1988]
H.R. Briefing book, ca. 1987
H.R. 51, Briefing book drafts (2 folders), 1987
H.R. 51, Briefing book originals,
------appendices, n.d.
------cover insert , n.d.
------forward and table of contents, n.d.
------inside book pocket, n.d.
------issues, n.d.

Box 28
H.R. 51, Briefing book originals, statement, n.d.
H.R. 51 Brief book synopsis, n.d.
H.R. 51, Congressional Budget Office report, June 29, 1987
H.R. 51, Constitution, questions and answers, n.d.
H.R. 51, House District Committee Internal Memoranda, n.d.
H.R. 51, Executive Summary of by Republican Study Committee , September 4, 1987
H.R. 51, Section by section outline, n.d.
H.R. 51, Statement opposition, Thomas J. Bliley, Jr., May 20, 1987
H.R. 51, Strategy for the Passage of , ca. 1988
H.R. 51, Testimony Before House Committee on the District of Columbia, Stephen Markman, April 17, 1987
H.R. 51, Markup, House Committee on the District, Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs, May 5, 1987
--------May 28, 1987
H.R. 51, Markup, House Committee on the District, Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs,
-----opening statement of Run Dellums, April 30, 1987
-----opening statement of Walter Fauntroy, April 30, 1987
-----opening remarks by Stan Parris, May 19, 1987
H.R. 51, Markup, House Committee on the District, Subcommittee on Judiciary and Education, 1993
H.R. 51, Markup, Response to Issues raised by Representative Walter Fauntroy, May 20, 1987
H.R. 51, Oversight hearing, opening statements of Walter Fauntroy, March 26, 1987
H.R. 52, Bill to Amend, D.C.Self-Government and Reorganization Act, 1989
H.R. 325, Bill to provide for Admission of the State of New Columbia
H.R. 1629, Bill to adopt Statehood Constitution, 1987
H.R. 3861, Bill to provide for Admission of the State of New Columbia, 1983
H.R. 4718, D.C. Statehood Bill Background paper, June 1992
H.R. 4776, Conference report, 1988
S898, A Bill to Provide for the Admission of the State of New Columbia, 1993
S1118, A Bill to Provide Mayor, City council and Nonvoting delegate, 1965

Box 29
Bills and Acts for Other States Admission, 1802-1911 (3 folders)
CRS report for Congress, shadow representatives in Congress, June 16, 1993
Congressional activity for statehood
------ 1985-1986
------ 1986-1987 (2 folders)
------ 1988 (2 folders)
-------January-March, 1989
Congressional Enabling Acts, Acts of Administration Memorandum, February 4, 1987
Congressional record: Implications for Congress of Rising District of Columbia Debt, March 31, 1988
Congressional record, statehood legislation, 1993

Box 30
Congressional welcome from Statehood Party, 1993
Constitution of the U.S.,analysis and interpretation, 1973
D.C. Act 7-19, Constitution of New Columbia, 1987
D.C. Appropriations Act, Conference report to accompany, H.J. Research 738, 1987
D.C. appropriations bills, 1987-1988
D.C. appropriations bill FY 1988, Corporation Counsel Legal Advice Memoranda, January 13, 1988
D.C. appropriations bill FY 1989
D.C. appropriations bill FY 1990, continuing resolution, 1990
D.C. City Council Rules, 1987
D.C. City Council, FY 1987 budget request (Bill 6-376), 1987
D.C. City Council, Parental Responsibility Act, Bill 1-278 background, 1976
Helms, Jesse, letter against statement, 1989
House hearing on boundaries of State of New Columbia, Committee on D.C., Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health, March 17, 1987
House hearing on Constitution of the State of New Columbia, Committee on D.C., Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health, March 26, 1987
House hearings on transferring law enforcement and judicial authority, Committee on D.C., Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health, April 7, 1987
House hearings, FY 1987 budget, 1989
House hearing, District Committee, [re: economic issues], September 30, 1986

Box 31
House of representatives list, 1987
Jackson, Jesse, letter to Newt Gingrich regarding loss of Congressional representation, 1994
Legislative issues, 1987-1990
Legislative materials, 1987 (4 folders)
Letters to Congress re statehood, n.d.
Lobbying report forms, n.d.
New Columbia Constitution, legislation, [ca. 1980s]
New Columbia Omnibus Act, n.d.
New Columbia Omnibus Act, example, 1959
Statehood hearing invitations, 1994
Statehood supporters, senate, [ca. 1980s]
Statement by Jo Butler on Commission budget, 1982
Statement by Jo Butler and Arrington Dixon on Commission budget
-------- 1988
Testimony before D.C. City Council
---------Jo Butler, March 30, 1987
---------Jo Butler and Arrington Dixon, FY 188-1989 budgets, February 21, 1989
---------Committee on Self Determination, 1993-1994
---------D.C. pretrial services (PR 7-288), 1988

Box 32
Testimony before D.C. City Council
--------Arrington Dixon, March 17, 1987
------- FY 1995 supplemental budget request, Ned Sloan, November 29, 1994
--------No taxation without representation research of 1993 (PR10-26), Ned Sloan, June 16, 1994
Testimony before House Committee on the District of Columbia, Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health,
---------Andrew F. Brimmer, September 30, 1986
---------Cheryl Long, March 17, 1987
---------Jason Il Newman, n.d.
---------Matthew Watson, n.d.
Testimony for statehood, n.d.
Testimony before the Senate Committee on Government Affairs
------Jesse Jackson, August 4, 1994
------Dr. Alan Lessoff, August 4, 1994
Testimony regarding H.R. 2482, House Committee on D.C, Judiciary and Education Subcommittee, Jo Butler, November 14, 1991
Testimony regarding economics of statehood, House Committee on D.C., Robert D. Ebel, September 30, 1986.
Testimony supporting statehood before House Committee on D.C., Subcommittee on Fiscal Affairs and Health, March 26, 1987
---------- Marion Barry
---------- Clarke, David
---------- Dyke, James
---------- Fauntroy, Walter, opening statement
---------- Kennedy, Senator Edward M.
----------- Rolark, Wilhemina
----------- Ruff, Charles
Write in Votes, n.d.

Series VI: Clippings

Box 32
Clippings, 1978 through- 1987

Box 33
Clippings, 1987 through 1991

Box 34
Clippings, 1992 through 1995

Series VII: Public Relations

Apter & Associates
--------Correspondence, 1989
--------General, 1988 (2 folders)
--------Press reports, 1987-1988 (2 folders)
D.C. Public Schools Teachers Convention Workshop Catalog, 1987
D.C. Statehood Coalition
------Press package, 1987
------Press releases, 1987-1988

Box 35
D.C. Statehood Coalition
------Rally, December 1, 1987
------Supporter letter, 1989
"Facts You May Not Know About D.C. and Statehood," 1992
Fact sheets and outreach materials, ca. 1984
"Fifty Stars" slide show, n.d.
"Fifty-one Stars: A Test," n.d.
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Statehood Economic Issues, ]n.d.]
Government-elect transition teams model reports, September 27, 1988
H.R. 51, public relations materials, 1987
HR. 51, public relations plan, June 14, 1988
H.R. 51 publicity, 1987
H.R. 4718, D.C. Statehood bill background paper, 1992
Jones, Meta, Senate candidacy, 1988
Letters to the editor
-------- 1988
Liberty Bell Train, 1987
Media contacts, 1988
Media reports on statehood, 1988 (4 folders)
Memorial day tribute, PR announcements, May 30, 1987
"New Columbia: 51st State of the Union," Correspondence, 1984

Box 36
"New Columbia: 51st State of the Union,"
--------Maguire-Reeder Award, 1988-1989
--------Speakers kit, 1988-1989
--------U.S. Festivals Association, June 20, 1989
New Columbia Video, 1988-1989 (2 folders)
One Month Daily Curriculum, National Rainbow Coalition for D.C. Statehood Campaign, 1991
Opinion survey forms,
---------complete no's (sampled selection), 1994
--------completed yes (sampled selection), 1994
---------returned with letters, 1994
---------unsure (sampled selection), 1994
Republican Study Committee report on statement, September 4, 1987
Poll results, 1987
Press packets, Democratic national Convention, 1992
Press releases, 1987-1988
Program of work, 1989-1990
Public education, n.d.

Box 37
Public education, correspondence, 1989
Public education, activities for statehood, 1993
Public relations program, March 19, 1987
------------July 3, 1987
------------May 6, 1988
Public relations program for Democratic and Republican national conventions, May 19, 1988
Public relations reports, May, 1987 through November 1988 (14 folders)
Series 7: Public Relations (continued)

Box 38
Public relations report, January 7-21, 1988
Public relations reports, 1989
Publicity materials, 1989
Publicity packet, 1989
Publicity packets, n.d.
Public support plea, May 19, 1989
Radio and T.V. Reports
----------- 1987
----------- 1988
Statehood Coalition publicity materials, 1987
"Statehood for the District: A Summary," [n.d.]
Statehood solicitation letter, November 21, 1989
Strategy for Passage of D.C. Statehood Legislation, January 31, 1989
Survey, 1988
Teaching guide n.d..
Teacher training workshop, March 14, 1987
Timetable for future public relations activities for statehood, May-June 1982
"Twenty-Five Bills of Importance to the Education of African-American Students," n.d.
"The Unfinished Agenda of the U.S. Constitution Workshop," March 14, 1987
"Updates" and "Action News".
Vote Yes For D.C. Statehood, 1980
What is the Statehood/Compact Commission [ca. 1979]

Series VIII: Research

Box 39
Alaska Congressional Materials, 1948-1955 (9 folders)
Alaska Omnibus Act, June 1986

Box 40
Alaska research, 1950-1958 (5 folders)
Alaska research, reports and letters, 1951-1958 (1-4 of 9 folders)

Box 41
Alaska research, reports and letters, 1951-1958, (6-9 of 9 folders)
Alaska, Proposed Organization of the Executive Branch," Public Administration Service, 1958 (4 folders)
Alaska, State of Alaska v. U.S., July 28, 1993
Alaska transition and reorganization , 1959-1987 (non-inclusive) (1-2 of 4 folders)

Box 42
Alaska transition and reorganization (3-4 of 4 folders)
Arizona and New Mexico statehood materials, 1910-1911
Compact Commission, ca. 1988-1989 (3 folders)
District of Columbia, 1975-1987 (4 folders)
Embassy issue research, 1987

Box 43
Financial research, ca. 1986 (4 folders)
General services, n.d. (5 folders)
Hawaii research, 1950-1955, 1983 (1-2 of 3 folders)

Box 44
Hawaii research, 1950-1955, 1983 (3 of 3 folders)
Hawaii state government reorganization, 1959-1981 (non-inclusive) (4 folders)
Hawaii Omnibus Act, 1960
legal research options, November 6, 1986
Puerto Rico statehood research memoranda, September 19, 1988
Puerto Rico statehood research memoranda, October 3, 1988
Puerto Rico, research material, general, 1988-1989
Statehood, 1953-1987 (1-2 of 5 folders)

Box 45
Statehood, 1953-1987 (4-5 of 5 folders)
State statistics information, n.d.

Series IX: Correspondence

ANC Commissioner letter, April 20, 1987
Butler-Boland letter, September 25, 1989
Butler-Fauntroy statehood mission teach letters, January 30, 1987
Butler-Smith letter re budget, February 21, 1985
Community leader letter, May 19, 1989
Dear Friend letter, July 28, 1989
Dear Friend letter, November 15, 1989
Election follow-up memoranda, 1990
Fauntroy-Mason letter, January 17, 1989
Maguire-Reeder letter, October 18, 1989
Mazzoli, Representative Romano L. letter and background, 1987
Non-voting representative letter (J. Jackson and C. Moreland), January 9, 1991
Rimensnyder letter, November 21, 1989
School Without Walls letter, September 20, 1989
Spock letter, June 8, 1987
Correspondence, Columbia Statehood Constitutional convention, 1982-1984
-------- 1986
-------- 1987
Correspondence to Congress, 1987
-------- 1988
Correspondence with Controller, 1988
-------- 1989
-------- 1990-1991
-------- 1993
-------- February-March, 1994
Correspondence to Congress, 1994

Box 46
Correspondence Log, June-August, 1994
Correspondence Log, September, 1994 - January, 1995
Correspondence statehood n.d.

Series X: Articles and Writings

"Anatomy of Street Murders," Follow-up Conference, University of the District of Columbia, September 30-October 1, 1988
"Argument Paper for Statehood for D.C.," Ann-Marie Agostinelli, May 2, 1988
"The Black American and Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution: A Mass Media Perspective," 1987
"Briefing Report to Congressional Requester," D.C. Financial Status, General Accounting Office, June, 1994
"The Canal," Part III [history of the C&O Canal], [undated]
"Commercial Office Buildings in Washington, D.C.," Justice for Janitors Organizing Committee, Service Employees International Union, Local 525, 1989
"Congressional Politics and Local Autonomy in Washington, D.C., " (draft) Charles W. Harris and R. Kent Weaver, March 13, 1989
"Constitutionality of D.C. Statehood," Peter Raven-Hansen, George Washington Law Review, November, 1991
"The Council of the District of Columbia," 1987-1988
"The Economic Vitality of the Proposed State of New Columbia: The Federal and Payment; The Commuter Tax Scare: Tourism and "High Tech," n.d.
"Federal and Local Interests in the Nation's Capital," Charles W. Harris, 1994
"The 51st (fifty-first) State: Towards Statehood for the District of Columbia:" Greater Washington Americans for Democratic Action, Clint Hockenberry, October, 1984
"Financial Implications of Statehood for D.C." Financial Research Associates, September 1986

Box 47
"Fiscal Prospects for the State of New Columbia," Brimmer & Company, September 11, 1986
The Five Negro Presidents," J.A. Rogers, 1965
"The Future of the District of Columbia: Home Rule," Philip G. Schrag, 1990
"Gut Feelings Toward to the City of Washington and the District of Columbia: Changes Over Time," Janice H. Hopper (D.C. Statehood Commissioner), n.d.
"History of Apportionment, " n.d.
"Increased Self-Government for the District of Columbia, home Rule Task Force, "The Greater Washington Board of Trade, December 17, 1986
Human Services in Adams Morgan," Adams Morgan ANC, n.d.
If You Favor Freedom, Statehood Commission, October 1986
"In the American Tradition: An Analysis of the Proposed Constitution of the State of New Columbia," Arnold & Porter, April 1986
Jesse Jackson. We are Campaigning to Build a New Democratic Majority and Rebuild America, November 2, 1991.
Options in Self-Government for the District of Columbia, Common Cause, 1985
"King and Revolution," Reflections Vincent Harding, 1983
The New Columbia Times: Special Lobbying Issue, 1992
Eleanor Holmes Norton Newsletter, 1994
"Statehood?," Washington Post Magazine, July 4, 1993
"A Qualitative Research Assessment of How Some Americans View the Political Future of the Nation's Capital," Edward M. Myers , September 1, 1994
Republican National Convention calendar, August 14, 1998
"Rivlin report: D.C. Shortchanged," The Washington Post, December 21, 1990
"Statehood and Territories," Congress and the Nation, ca. 1960s
Statehood bibliography, n.d.
Statehood Call: Voice of the Statehood Party
------March 13, 1971
------March 22, 1981
"Statehood for the District of Columbia," National Academy for Public Administration, 1990
"Statehood for New Columbia," edited by James Forman, 1993
State Government [various articles on government organization], 1979, 1985-1986
The Statehood Papers: Articles on D.C. Statehood by Sam Smith, published by Progressive Review, 1970-1991-

Box 48
Statehood quotes, n.d.
Statistics of Income Bulletin, 1988
"The Struggle for Self-Determination in the District of Columbia: A Celebration of the Life Activities of the Honorable," Julius Hobson, Josephine Butler and Bill O'Field,
The Utility Bulletin , D.C. Public Utilities Commission, 1989
"Before Watergate: Problems of Corruption in American Society," Abraham S. Eisenstadt, et al., 1978
The Williamsburg Charter, June 25, 1988

Series XI: Memorabilia

200 Years of History in Cleveland Park
Camera, n.d.
Centennial Celebration Western-Ellington, 1990
Citizens for New Columbia, promotional items, n.d.
D.C. Statehood Commission folder, n.d.
D.C. Statehood Commission stationary, n.d.
"D.C. Statehood Now" button, n.d.
D.C. Statehood totebag, n.d.
Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Annual Spring Dance Concert program, May 25-26, 1990
"The Facts About D.C. Statehood," n.d.
Flag for New Columbia story, n.d.
"Jobs, Not Promises," Full Employment Week bumper sticker, n.d.
March for D.C. Statehood flyers, January, 1991
Mason, Charles Noble, "An Evening of Appreciation, April 9, 1988
"Mend the Crack in the Liberty Bell, D.C. Statehood Now!" bumper sticker, n.d.
Peace Train flyer, n.d.
Poems and songs, n.d.
"Progressive Alternative in District Politics" [Statehood Party brochures], n.d.
Singham Memorial tribute, 1991
"Socialist for President Margaret Wright 1976-The People's Party," bumper sticker, 1976
Statehood Coalition poster, n.d.
Statehood Coalition, "D.C. Statehood Now!" brochure
Statehood petition [blank], n.d.
"The Struggle for Self-Determination: From D.C. to El Salvador" flyer, n.d.
"Support D.C. Statehood" bumper sticker, n.d.
Vote for D.C. State Constitution, n.d.
"Welcome to Washington, The Last Colony" flyer, 1988

Series XII: Josephine Butler Materials

Box 49
Adams Morgan/Lanier Heights Historical Research Survey , 1982-1987
Biography, n.d.
Birthday cards, n.d.
Campaign Finance Office, 1984
Campaign Poster, n.d.
Candidate petition, n.d.
Correspondence, 1978-1984
Hansib Community Award, 1989
Resignation, 1993
Resignation from ANC, 1987
Resumes, n.d.
Working Files, 1988-1991 (5 folders)

Series XIII: Audiovisual

Box 50
Audiotapes of Statehood/Compact Commission Meeting, Sept.19, 1986 through May 5, 1988

Box 51
Audiotapes of Statehood/Compact Commission Meeting, May 5, 1988 through Dec.15, 1988
Videotape, Joia Jefferson "In the Public Eye: D.C. Statehood," July 26, 1994
Joia Jefferson, "In the Public Eye: D.C. Statehood," July 26, 1994
Statehood Now Demonstration photo, n.d.
Unidentified photo (related to Adams Morgan Lanier Heights Survey)

Oversized Folders
Calendar, 1989
Statehood Now Posters, n.d.

Home Issues D.C. Council Actions Statehood D.C. Statehood Commission

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