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Oppression of American citizens in D.C. by Congress E-mail

Ward 3 resident and statehood advocate, David Bardin, wrote an opinion piece for the Forest Hills Connection on some of the history behind the denial of the right to self-government to, and disenfranchisement of, the people of the District of Columbia. Learn a little about the role of slavery and racism in the plight of the residents of D.C. and why we need statehood to make us full American citizens.

D.C. Emancipation Day Gives U.S. Taxpayers More Time to File E-mail

Washington Post reporter Perry Stein explains why all American taxpayers have the thank the District of Columbia for causing them to have three extra days to complete their annual income tax forms.  The reason --D.C.'s one local legal holiday, D.C.Emancipation Day, occurs on the weekend and so is celebrated on Monday, April 17, making Tuesday, April 18, the first regular business day on or after April 15, 2017. To find out what what Emancipation Day celebrates and commemorates, read more.


D.C. Council hearing on FY 2018 Statehood Funding E-mail

On April 11, 2017, the D.C. Council"s Committee on Government Operations held a heareing on the budget of the Executive Office of the Mayor (EOM) and the Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia, among other agencies, that administer various statehood related funds.

Beverly Perry of the Office of the Senior Advisor to the Mayor testified about the one time request for FY 2018 for $952,000 "in the Agency Management program to support the Statehood Campaign Initiative, which aims to increase awareness and education of District of Columbia local democracy and statehood issues by executing a bi-partisan and sustainable national education and awareness compaign.” This amount consists of $856,000 in nonpersonal service costs and $96,000 in personal services costs to support one additional FTE who will function as the Associate Advocacy Director. Lauren Vaughn, Secretary of the District of Columbia, testified about the $200,000 in statehood grants she will be awarding in May 2017.

Among the citizens who tesetified were David Bardin and Ann Loikow.  To see their testimony, read more.

D.C. Delegate Asks the President for Courtesy of Consultation on Federal Law Enforcement Officials E-mail

D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton issued a press release on March 27, 2017, releasing a letter she sent to President Turmp requesting that he extend her the courtesy of consulting on the appointment of the U.S. Attorney, federal district court judges and other Senate-confirmed federal law enforcement officials in the District of Columbia—the same courtesy extended to her by President George W. Bush. Her press release and letter emphasize how the District of Columbia is handicapped by having its criminal justice system under total Federal control.  These documents clearly indicate why D.C. should be a state so that like other Americans, the people of D.C. could run their local/state legal system and have those running it accountable to them.

The people of D.C. also need to urge our Mayor, Council, and Attorney General to start planning for the return of these functions to the new state and even possibly the return of some of them even before Congress admits us as the 51st state. Funding for such planning needs to be included in the District’s 2018 budget. Please contact the Council ASAP to urge them to include funding for feasiblity studies and planning on how to implement statehood. A state government is different from a colonial government where the power rests in entities outside the citizens' control. We need to get started on in-depth planning for statehood now if we want to show Congress we are ready to become a state. See the resolution of the Ward 3 Democratic Committee in the next article.

Ward 3 Democratic Committee Speaks Out on Statehood E-mail

On January 26, 2017, the Ward 3 Democratic Committee approved a resolution on statehood strategy for 2017-2018. Given the strong popular support for statehood shown by the November 8, 2016 referendum, the Committee felt it was important that we keep the momentum going. The intense work beginning on Emancipation Day 2016 (April 16) to prepare for the statehood referendum showed that there is a lot more work needed to make statehood a reality. Doing the necessary feasibility studies and preparation for and holding a constitutional convention, with elected delegates willing to devote the time needed to produce a comprehensive constitution that the people will support, takes time.

Please read the resolution below and assist us in urging the Mayor and Council to properly fund and support our efforts to achieve statehood.

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