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Feb 22
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D.C. Council hearing on FY 2018 Statehood Funding E-mail

On April 11, 2017, the D.C. Council"s Committee on Government Operations held a heareing on the budget of the Executive Office of the Mayor (EOM) and the Office of the Secretary of the District of Columbia, among other agencies, that administer various statehood related funds.

Beverly Perry of the Office of the Senior Advisor to the Mayor testified about the one time request for FY 2018 for $952,000 "in the Agency Management program to support the Statehood Campaign Initiative, which aims to increase awareness and education of District of Columbia local democracy and statehood issues by executing a bi-partisan and sustainable national education and awareness compaign.” This amount consists of $856,000 in nonpersonal service costs and $96,000 in personal services costs to support one additional FTE who will function as the Associate Advocacy Director. Lauren Vaughn, Secretary of the District of Columbia, testified about the $200,000 in statehood grants she will be awarding in May 2017.

Among the citizens who testified were David Bardin and Ann Loikow.  To see their testimony, read more.

Ward 3 Democratic Committee Speaks Out on Statehood E-mail

On January 26, 2017, the Ward 3 Democratic Committee approved a resolution on statehood strategy for 2017-2018. Given the strong popular support for statehood shown by the November 8, 2016 referendum, the Committee felt it was important that we keep the momentum going. The intense work beginning on Emancipation Day 2016 (April 16) to prepare for the statehood referendum showed that there is a lot more work needed to make statehood a reality. Doing the necessary feasibility studies and preparation for and holding a constitutional convention, with elected delegates willing to devote the time needed to produce a comprehensive constitution that the people will support, takes time.

Please read the resolution below and assist us in urging the Mayor and Council to properly fund and support our efforts to achieve statehood.

Pre-enrolled Version of the Constitution approved October 18, 2016 E-mail
On October 18, 2016 when they approved PR 21-0913 (now Resolution 21-621), the D.C. Council amended the constitution approved by the New Columbia Statehood Commission. To see the pre-enrolled version of what they approved read more. Note, the process of copying the constituion to the web caused some changes in indentation. To see it formatted as approved, go to: http://statehood.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/statehood/publication/attachments/Pre-enrolled-Constitution.pdf.
D.C. Council Passes Resolution on State Boundary and Constitution E-mail

On October 18, 2016, Washington Post reporters Fenit Nirappil and Aaron C. Davis reported on the D.C. Council's debate that day in the Committee of the Whole and passage in a legislative session the same day of a resolution on the boundary and constitution of the new state consisting of he residential and commercial parts of the District of Columbia. On October 18, 2016, dcist reporter Rachel Kurzius also wrote about the D.C. Council's debate on the constitution and the change in the name of the new state. For details about the Council's action, please read more.

What's the Advisory Referendum on Our Ballot? by David Jonas Bardin E-mail
David Jonas Bardin prepared Qs&As on the advisory referendum on statehood that is on the November 8, 2016 ballot in the District of Columbia.  To read the October 2016 Qs&As, read more.
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